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Diving in Tenerife

Our dives are conducted from a RIB with a qualified boat handler who stay's on board at all times or we can also offer shore diving on many varied sites too. Whilst boat diving we make use of DSMB on every dive, ensuring maximum diver safety procedures always!. Below you can read about just a few of our Dive Sites for you to enjoy, we have many more. Here are just a few...............

Los Chucos - The Stingray site ! (Approx. depth 22m)

Depth: 22 metres

This is a fantastic dive site that is rated by everyone who dives here. As  you descend down the anchor line you will see the stingrays. There are usually butterfly, atlantic, common and eagle rays. There is also a small wreck, within the hull of the wreck you will find moray eels, small puffer fish and scorpion fish. If you are lucky a turtle too -  A camera is must for this site!






The MERIDIAN WRECK sank to create an artificial reef in Palm Mar Bay on the 23/10/05 has now proved itself to be a firm favourite with all our divers.
This wreck is very ' Titanic' the bow makes a good photo opportunity and the wreck is now covered in shoaling fish. It sits in 30m on a sandy bottom as you ascend swimming around the wreck to the deck in approx 18m, the mast looms towards the surface and is still intact. We remain here for a short while before having to leave to gain our bottom time back and head along the reef to shallow water enjoying the scenery and a verity of Damsels, Silema, Parrot Fish and often rays swimming by . This is a dive for the experienced due to the depth 30m

AREANETAS (Approx depth 6-23m)

Very pretty dive in Palm Mar Bay, Los Cristianos. We enter at 6m and swim over a ledge into a depth of 12-13m then on though a reef gully filled with a large resident shoal of Silema, sometimes sting ray's and Angel Sharks resting on the white sand, trumpet fish and sardine can also be seen. At the end of the gully between the two reef's a large shoal of Barracuda can be seen. We continue on until we reach a cavern filled with soft corals and a window looking to the surface. A nice easy relaxed dive for all levels.


BLACK CORAL ARCH (Approx depth 30 - 45m)

This is a very scenic dive too and through an arch adorned with black coral , a beautiful dramatic underwater scene that is surrounded by shoaling Barracuda in large numbers. Large stingrays and Groupers are also seen here along with a many varieties of fish. NOTE: This is a dive for the experienced deep diver only, due to the depth reached and the currents that frequent this area , but not one to be missed if you like a challenge.


LAS MORENAS (Approx. depth 25 -30m)

An exciting dive to visit a large group of different variety Moray eels from the common brown, to the Yellow Fang tooth moray's, and an abundance of fish that gather on this reef system. We anchor in approx 20m on top of the reef and then drop down over the wall to where the moray's inhabit almost every crevice they are quite tame and often come out to look around at the visiting divers. Nearby on the sand bottom a cave entrance marked with a cross outside, a stark reminder of the dangers that can lie within ! Nearby a large statue of the Virgin del Carmen placed here to protect all who use the sea ! Martyn Farr - cave diving expert came to dive with us and explore the cave system , reporting on its interior, read the story in Sports Diver July 2006 edition.

CONDOSITA WRECK (Approx depth 18m)

Built in 1945 this Spanish built coaster struck the rocks near Punta Rasca during a passage from Grand Canaria in 1973, abandoned by her crew she lies in 18m of water her length now approx 50m. The forward hold offers easy access where her cargo of cement can still be found, and the engine room is open now following a storm, it is full of silt and care must be taken. The wreck is home to lots of marine life including a family of large Trumpet fish it is also a good place for octopus. This wreck is suitable for all levels of certification.

HISTORY : This triple expansion 325HP cargo boat  was built by Talleres Sunjurejo in Vigo and launched in 1946 it was named ' Marujin '  two years later the boat was re-named the CONDOSITA in the home port of Barcelona. Length 143ft 9"   -  Breath 26ft 2"  -  Draught 10ft 4"

Ali Ba Ba Cavern (Approx depth: 32 - 45m)

A dramatic drop off, housing a volcanic cave full of soft corals and bright red shrimps, and at times a large Grouper can be seen here guarding the entrance to the cave. The area is surrounded by hanging black coral and lovely rock formations making it a very scenic dive, sometimes there can be strong currents surrounding the cave. Bring your camera's and torches for this one !


THE STEPPS - Los Escolones (Approx depth 6m - 30m +)

From the anchor line in 13m we drop off a wall passing a large shoal of silver and yellow 'Silema’ to a sandy bottom at 18m.
Onward through a good sized swim through, full of Trumpet Fish that seem to hover motionless in the water, before swimming gently down the ledges to 30m. The volcanic rock formations here resemble huge steps, on a ledge at 30 meters looking out into the blue if we are lucky we can encounter tuna and dolphin passing by in the currents that pass this place and can be strong at times.

Sometimes we can venture over the drop off to view a large undercut in the rock that adorns with Black and soft coral's .

Turning shoreward, we ascend slowly with the seabed often seeing Rays and Angel Shark on our swim back towards the coast. On reaching the base of the wall, we turn to the right where usually a large shoal of Barracuda can be seen. Climbing the basalt rock formation we swim up to approx 6m. A great place for photography and video.

PUERTITO - Marine Reserve Project (Approx depth 6 -12m) Shore Entry Dive

An exciting dive in shallow water ! This dive site is part of an ongoing project with La Luguna University and our good friend David who owns a local dive centre. For some time he has been clearing the area of the black spiny sea urchins that are pretty prolific here in the Canary Islands to hopefully encourage the growth of algae and note the changes. Already it has brought in a diversity of marine life to congregate the rocky reef, Octopus, Parrot fish, Bream, Morays, and rays in many varieties. Turtle can usualy be seen here too, a great place for snorkling too.




We now can arrange a private charter to visit the

Whales and Dolphins please ask us for details

A rare chance to see dolphins and pods of Pilot whales in their natural habit in the warm waters just off our coastline, If you are very lucky we sometimes have dolphins follow our dive boat, a unique experience and photo opportunity.


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