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Tenerife Dive Facts

Tenerife really comes to life underwater, spectacular volcanic scenery greets you, visibility of 25-30m is normal, and marine life is plentiful, varied and friendly. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream here offer beautiful sea-scapes together with Parrot fish, Barracuda, Grouper, Trigger fish, Moray Eels, Angel Shark Eagle and Sting rays, and much more in warm clear seas ( sea temperatures: 23c-25c in summer and 18c - 21c in winter ).

After many years running our centre, people ask us " So what's diving in Tenerife really like?" our answer remains the same, "Come and see for yourselves, you wont be disappointed!". There isn't a vast amount of coral here, although there are black and soft corals to be found on certain dive sites that we visit, but its not like the Red Sea, although we do have a great variety of fish life it often surprises us with its diversity.

We do have a great variety of marine life often changing with the seasons, and much, much more for the diver and underwater photographer to record.

The R.I.B it is fitted full DAN Oxygen Kit, First Aid Kit , fire extinguisher and most importantly a Qualified Boat Handler that remains on the boat at all times providing safety cover whilst the dive is in progress.

The marina, port and surrounding village is a great place to relax between dives, there is a beach and many restaurants, bars etc for you to choose from. Or you can join us for lunch in one of the cafe's and enjoy some good conversation and company.


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